Last edit: 22 settembre 2020


It is certainly the most complex panel of the bot, it offers different alternatives according to the user's needs

It consists of several modules:

  • Attack settings:
    • Attacks after expeditions: if you want to prioritize shipments, set up automatic shipments and check this box to attack once the shipments are finished
    • Start from different planets / moons each attack: if checked it automatically chooses the starting coordinates to make the attack as fast as possible
    • Attack only on moons: if checked only starts from moons
    • Multi attack on the same target: Attack the same target multiple times as long as it respects the attack parameters
    • Attack immediately after spying: It doesn't matter if you have found 1 target or 100, if it switches to attack mode it attacks all the targets it has found, always limiting itself to the number of slots available
    • Read all reports before attacking: Read all espionage reports before leaving with attacks
    • Attack / spy on players with ongoing activities: attack inactive with activity in progress
    • Waiting for each Attack / spied on: Wait between 1 and 8 seconds each time he sends an attack, and between 1 and 3 seconds each time he spies. We recommend checking this option
    • Round number of ships to send: Rounds the number of ships to be sent in the attacks, eg 15.910 = 16000, 1691 = 2000
    • Attack without ships in full: Attack the target even if the hold is not enough to take all the resources of the target. To start the attack the gain must be at least 50% of the minimum resources set
  • Ship settings:
    • Select the type of ship you want to attack with: you can select the type of ship, if you are in the universe with a probe with hold feature, you can also select the spy probes
    • Select the speed of sending ships: choose which% to start
    • % more cargo to send: attack with a greater number of freighters, compared to the number of real freighters
    • Minimum resources per attack: Enter the minimum number of resources to start the attack. The resources entered are in thousands (eg 900 = 900,000)
    • Target ranking: This field refers to the position in the general classification. Targets below the indicated classification are not considered (they are neither spied on nor attacked)
    • Fleet slot for auto attacks: number of slots you assign to attacks
  • Lists
    clicking on (see lists) will open a menu for setting attributes manually:

    It is possible to set, for example, coordinates that are considered best:

    To prioritize them. When it comes to optimized attacks and optimized attacks list it refers to this list.
  • Espionage settings
    • Random attack / spy: randomly or through Machine Learning you choose the range of coordinates to be spied on
    • Respect old targets: Automatically respect targets older than 1h and 30m
    • Limit random systems: Limit the random by choosing the minimum and maximum ends of the systems
  • Automatic mission settings