Last edit: 22 settembre 2020


Questo pannello รจ diviso in 4 sezioni principali:

  1. Statistiche;
  2. Impostazioni di base;
  3. Impostazioni navi;
  4. Impostazioni spedizioni automatiche.

1. Statistics

In this section, you can by clicking on the button "show statistics", see the shipments saved, and statistics.

2. Basic settings

In this section you can activate different settings:

Advanced configuration

The advanced configuration removes some flags from the delivery panel and activate the expedition module advanced.

It is a real and isn't getting mode

It is a real and isn't getting mode:

  • Start expedition;
  • Activation mode recycling;
  • Reading messages;
  • Reading messages Attack;
  • Saving coordinates messages to Aliens/pirates;
  • Repetitive cycle:
    • Redirect to the planet closest to coordinates in page galaxy;
    • Reading debris;
    • Send pathfinder in case of debris.
  • Finished mode recycles the debris;
  • Start expedition.
Notification to enter auto-expedition

And there is a notification after sending a telegram of shipments..

Send expeditions to the moons

Only enabled in simple mode, send the shipments only from the moons.

Same coordinates

Only enabled in simple mode, sends shipments from the same coordinates.

3. Settings ships

Simple expedition

Freighters (light/heavy)

Enter a whole number to indicate how many freighters you want to send.

Number of shipments to be sent

Enter a whole number to indicate how many items the bot must send.

Shipments with cargoes of light

If selected, are sent cargoes of light.

Send 1 probe, send 1 ship to battle, send 1 reaper

If selected, are sent as the title, the type of ship indicated. Example, if you choose the option 'send 1 probe' is inserted into a probe in the shipment.

Send Pathfinder and indicates the number of Pathfinder to send

If you selected the 'send pathfinder', the system shows a box that allows you to enter a whole number to indicate how many ships need to be added to spezione.

Expedition advanced

All the consignments are the same

If selected, you can configure a module shipments to be replicated to all the slots chosen.

Sends shipments (+1 SS / -1FF) each shipment

This option is only selectable if the previous option is already selected. Send shipments to the coordinates of the start position and then alternates + / - different systems.

Shipment number to send

And' the number of shipments that you want to send each time.

Through the advanced configuration you can manage the expedition module. This module helps to categorize the different types of ships and gives a gross estimate of what you can find.

4. Settings delivery automatic

Auto-delivery continue

A system of shipments, automatic, continuous, or at the end of each expedition, the latter is sent again.

Auto-expedition based on the saving

Acts as a "expedition auto continue", but the shipments are sent based on the return of the fleet save.

Minimum time of fleet to start the automatic missions

Minimum time of fleet to start the automatic missions.

  • s, indicates the seconds (As the 100s to indicate 100 seconds);
  • m, indicates the minutes (Example 100m to indicate 100 minutes);
  • h - o, indicates the hour (Example: 100h, 100o to indicate 100 hours);
  • d - g, indicates the days (Example 100d, 100g per point to 100 days).

Indicating 2nd imposed on the bots so that they are sent auto-delivery for a fleet of more than 2 hours, therefore if the fleet save return between 1 hour and 59 minutes, the bot will not send more than one transports.