Last edit: 22 settembre 2020


In this section you can activate different settings:

Transport to moon

all transport missions will bring resources to the moon of the selected coordinates.

Do not transport deuterium

all transport missions will carry only metal and crystal.

Optimize freight to send

select the minimum number of freighters to be able to send all the resources of the planet. If not selected it will send the number selected in Cargo number.

Transport with light freighters

if selected it will transport the resources with light freighters otherwise it will select the heavy freighters.

Number of freighters

minimum number of freighters to start the transport mission.

fleetSave automatic return transport

set to have automatic missions.

Random moon

transport all resources by selecting a random moon from your empire.

Minimum fleet time to start automatic missions

controls the return of the fleetSave, if the fleetSave has a return in more time than the entered time, the automatic missions will start.

  • s, indicates the seconds (As the 100s to indicate 100 seconds);
  • m, indicates the minutes (Example 100m to indicate 100 minutes);
  • h - o, indicates the hour (Example: 100h, 100o to indicate 100 hours);
  • d - g, indicates the days (Example 100d, 100g per point to 100 days).

By indicating 2o I set the bot so that the automatic transports for a fleet of less than 2 hours are sent, that is, if the save fleet returns between 1 hour and 59 minutes, the bot sends the transports.