Last edit: 22 settembre 2020


oBot is not responsible for any bans or problems resulting from the use of the bot.
Therefore, by using it you take responsibility for any risks.


Supported servers:

Compatibility of ogame version: 6.x, 7.x

Google chrome


  1. Click on Tampermonkey:

    in the browser bar, if you don't find the icon you can click on the three dots;
  2. Add new script:
  3. Open the link
  4. Copy all the text inside Tampermonkey:
  5. File -> save or ctrl + s.

ogame settings

  1. Deactivate the chat bar:
  2. Set 50 messages, in Quantity of message displayed per page:

Antigame settings

It is recommended to follow the following settings on antigame for the correct functioning of the bot.

  1. Main view:
  2. Event summary:
  3. Show spy table (required for attacks):



  • The script currently does not manage more than one universe;
  • The bot works only if the computer is logged in with an open browser requirement and the ogame tab active;
  • The browser tab must be active, that is, it must not be minimized and must be active, otherwise the bot will freeze due to the browser settings.